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Volunteering & Officials


Please carefully review the pages on our Volunteer System that can be found in the 2014-2015 MMST Handbook found HERE.


Officials “Up the Ladder”

As parents of competitive swimmers on the Milton Marlin Swim Team, we are required to volunteer time as an Official at our hosted swim meets or out of town meets.
In order to do so, if you have not done it already, please go to , the Ontario Swimming Officials Association, and create your own account. This is a website that is FULL of information about swim meets. Once your account has been activated, you then have access to the on-line clinics that you will be required to complete in order to get your Officials positions signed off as you volunteer at swim meets. The information about being a Swimming Official and volunteering “Up the Ladder” is valuable. You will be able to find this detailed on the OSOA site and on the MMST website under the “Competitive” tab – Volunteering & Officials.
Please make sure that your OSOA account is set up and active as soon as you can.  Once you have registered, you will be able to log in and take the on-line officials clinics such as:
Level 1 – Timekeeper and Safety Marshall
Level 2 – Strokes and Turns Judge
Level 2 – Chief Timekeeper
Level 2 – Chief Finish Judge
Level 2 – Chief Judge of Electronics
Level 2 – Meet Manager
Level 2 – Clerk of Course
On the first Tuesday of each month, we host a Club Champs Fun Meet. This is a great opportunity to volunteer for Timekeeping and Strokes and Turn Judges as there is no pressure … it is a fun time for the swimmers but it is set up in the form of a swim meet. Then when we host a meet, you will have a better understanding of the Officials position. We cannot get any sign offs at a Fun Meet but the experience is worth it.
Once you get to know and understand more about the swimming world and Officiating, you will realize that being on deck during the meet is “the best seat in the house”!!  Please contact me at if you have any questions about being an Official.
See you at the pool!!
MMST Officials Chair

Achieving Level 3

Please review the Up The Ladder information for Officials.  Level 3,4,5 Officials who are not COC should also be aware of requirements for moving Up The Ladder.

When an Official is nearing, or has reached the qualifications for consideration of Level 3 status certification, the Level 3 Candidate or the COC must forward a scanned copy of the Officials Certification Card, along with a copy of the Log of Meets and Positions Worked to the Regional Officials Representatives (ROR).

The RORs will then review the documentation and will reply to the Official with any questions they have on their qualifications. They will suggest options for dates/times to setup a meeting with one or both of us as ROR and the Level 3 Candidate in order to review their qualifications and to discuss their intentions regarding moving Up The Ladder.

Certification requirements on where link to Up The Ladder document is also provided.

Evaluation Guidelines are provided on

Meeting is pre-arranged with the Level 3 Candidate, normally takes approx. 10 minutes, and is often held at CR Officials Clinics or at a CR Regional Swim Meet or another CR Swim Meet.